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We use a patented technology that enables a painless extraction for the animals while producing a high-quality serum

natural products

Our formulas are exclusively made of naturally derived ingredients to provide you with an alternative to regular cosmetics


In our farms, we do not use additives and synthetic substances, nor we use pesticides, GMOs allergens, and other non-organic substances.

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Pure Helix Aspersa
snail slime natural cosmetics

The cosmetics industry is constantly evolving thanks to advanced scientific research and technology.

However, in the organic cosmetics market, there are some principles that cannot be avoided.

Using only natural substances means considerably restricting the options available, so that we can only use ingredients that are found in our environment.

We have made this choice because we truly believe in a different way of taking care of our skin and bodies, one that does not impact negatively other living beings nor our ecosystem.

The key ingredient of all our products is pure snail slime.

Pure snail slime is an ingredient that has been used since ancient times to treat skin imperfections but also for personal hygiene.

In France, the homeland of luxury cosmetics, snail products are booming thanks to their proven benefits. In Italy too, especially among the most demanding customers, premium snail slime products are having a moment, replacing more traditional ones in the high-quality market.

In fact, snail slime properties include restoring a healthy and balanced skin, a deep moisturising, exfoliating and a nourishing action.

Pure snail slime is a key ingredient for both dry and oily skin products such as face and body creams.

Thanks to its gentle cleansing properties, other beauty care products such as shampoo, hair conditioner, bath foam and soap also contain snail slime.

Last but not least, snail slime properties are also efficient to treat some diseases and symptoms such as heartburn and dry or chesty coughs.

Ethic, organic, sustainable

Our aim is to produce cosmetics for people who want to use quality products without damaging any further the environment nor its innocent living beings.

The entire production is cruelty-free.

The snails are bred in an environment identical to their natural habitat, in outdoor farms.

The slime is extracted using a patented technology that not does not cause any harm to the animals – the latter being immediately placed back into the organic farm after the extraction – and produces cosmetics with the highest percentage of pure slime one can find on the market.

Said snails are fed with organic and local food! In fact, we feed our snails with vegetables (salads, cabbage, sunflowers, etc.) grown in our own gardens next to the farm.

Our production is responsible, ethical and organic, so we can claim a high-quality product range.


Face and Body

Creams, serums and drops for body and face, body and hair personal hygiene products



Remedies to treat dry or chesty coughs as well as heartburn disease



What is snail slime made of and what are its best-known exceptional properties?


List of the natural ingredients contained in our products



A patented animal-friendly process that enables a painless extraction


Does it work?

The benefits and demonstrated efficacy of snail slime on the body, hair and organism

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