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How to get rid of stretch marks with natural remedies

get rid of stretch marks

If you read this blog you probably wonder how to get rid of stretch marks, possibly without cosmetic surgery.

Treating stretch marks is possible using the right technique and, of course, with a little patience and perseverance. In this article, we share our experience on how to get rid of stretch marks using natural cosmetics, of which, the Mira Cosmetici Naturali snail slime body cream. This high-quality natural product made in Italy is a fantastic moisturiser that leaves your skin supple thanks to the exceptional properties of the snail slime it contains. In addition to trying to remove the stretch marks, the treatment we are offering is also remarkably effective to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

As it is often the case in cosmetics, combining several products together helps reduce the visibility of stretchmarks effectively. We will focus in particular on the combined use of the body cream together with the pure snail slime drops.

How to treat stretch marks: pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss. The importance of prevention

Stretch marks are due to an alteration of the skin. Their scientific name is “striae distensae”.

In addition to your personal predisposition, the main factors causing stretch marks are rapid weight gain or loss, or pregnancy.

Stretch marks mainly affect women. They are common on the thighs, tummy, breast and groin area.

However, this imperfection also affects men, especially because of rapid weight gain or loss. As for men, stretch marks are usually common on the belly.

The best way to prevent stretch marks is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, a balanced diet and moderate exercise are a great combination to maintain proper muscle tone and avoid rapid weight fluctuation — the latter causing the aforementioned stretchmarks.

Of course, we cannot always avoid the effects of stress on the skin. Even during such a happy time as pregnancy for example, it is natural to gain weight and abdominal girth. Of course, while how to get rid of stretch marks should not be the main thought during pregnancy, prevention is still crucial. In fact, following some appropriate treatments when skin is subject to stress is essential to prevent -or, at least, reduce- the development of stretch marks. Using high-quality natural cosmetics is ideal during pregnancy in order for the skin to stay supple and hydrated. Mira Cosmetici snail slime cream is the perfect remedy to help getting rid of stretch marks, and for an ultimate result, use with the pure snail slime drops.

Removing stretch marks: red or white stretch marks

When they first appear, stretch marks are usually red: it is the so-called stretching-phase, when the inflamed skin appears reddish. If the inflammation is intense, the colour of the stretch marks may be purple. As it heals, the red colour eventually turns white and the skin appears typically flaccid and atrophic.

An effective treatment to remove stretch marks with snail slime is recommended in said first phase, when they are red. In fact, the possibility of restoring the skin cells is significantly higher at the beginning. The key to success is to build a skin care routine and be patient and persevere during all the appearance phase, that is to say while the skin is stressed due to weight fluctuation or when in pregnancy.

Even when stretch marks are white, i.e. during the healing phase, the cosmetic treatment is important to be started or continued. However, it is not sure that you can permanently remove stretch marks at this stage.

How to get rid of stretch marks? Body cream for treating stretch marks: the natural ingredients selected by Mira Cosmetici

The Mira Cosmetici natural body cream contains natural ingredients so it has the perfect properties to leave your skin deeply hydrated and supple.

It is thanks to the highly concentrated and quality ingredients selected that the Mira Cosmetici body cream is one of the best in its category.

Let’s see below what are the key ingredients of such a precious body cream. For more information on the product’s INCI, visit the dedicated page on our website: body cream.

Snail slime (Snail secretion filtrate)

Snail slime is particularly popular in skincare products, but it is also a great active ingredient to treat stretch marks.

Snail slime naturally contains glycolic acid that promotes skin regeneration, eliminating dead cells and giving way to new cells.

Vitamin A, C and E are also naturally present in the slime, and are well-known for protecting and moisturising skin.

Snail slime also contains collagen (strong moisturiser), allantoin (heals the tissues) and elastin (makes the skin supple).

For significantly better results, apply the pure snail slime drops before the body cream. Thanks to their light texture (drops are liquid), the pure drops made with 100% slime concentrate penetrate smoothly and deeply into the skin, providing medium and long-term benefits. This is why we recommend to use these products together, although the body cream alone is also an excellent remedy to reduce stretch marks.


Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of the African shea tree. It contains triglycerides, fatty acids and active ingredients including vitamins (A, D, E).

Thanks to its soothing properties that make skin appear smoother, it is used a lot in natural cosmetics to keep the skin healthy; protecting it from external agents; giving cosmetics the right texture.

Cetearyl Olivate

The Cetearyl Olivate is a natural PEG-free emulsifier. It is obtained from olive oil by esterification of the fatty acid groups. It has a high moisturising effect, reducing skin water loss. It is hypoallergenic. It also is a non-ionic and mild emulsifier, and is particularly recommended in high-quality body creams.

Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil (sweet almond oil)

This oil is obtained naturally from the almond tree seed kernels. It has emollient and soothing properties. It can be used for all skin types but is especially suitable for sensitive skin and delicate body parts where stretch marks typically appear.

Almond oil is an excellent emollient and gentle cleanser, that softens, soothes and nourishes the skin.

You can check all the natural ingredients contained in the body cream from our dedicated website page, clicking on the INCI section.

Mira Cosmetici Naturali snail slime comes from farms that respect the life cycle of the animals and is obtained via a cruelty-free process. This guarantees that the highest level of care is given to the molluscs, ensuring their well-being. Discover here how we produce our cruelty-free snail slime.

Our snail slime is certified ICEA COSMOS ORGANIC, the strictest international standard for natural and organic cosmetics.

You can purchase the Mira Cosmetici snail slime body cream on our shop online.

For a complete stretch marks treatment, you can also enjoy with the pure snail slime drops and the scrub.

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