Cough syrup with snail slime for children. Does it work?

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Natural cough syrup for children

natural cough syrup children

Dry and chesty coughs are among the most common seasonal illnesses, in particular among children.

Cough tends to make children tired with a decreased appetite. Their rest and sleep often get disturbed by a hacking cough.

A cough can be caused by several conditions such as seasonal variations in temperature and viruses that are often spreading among children at a kindergarten or at school.

How to help your coughing child feel better?

Of course, in the worst-case scenario you should always seek advice from your paediatrician as they will give you the best advices. Sometimes coughing reveals a bacterial infection of the respiratory tract that should be treated with appropriate medicines such as with cough suppressants or antibiotics, when prescribed by a doctor.

Often the situation is not that bad and does not require the use of medicines. In such cases, natural remedies for cough may be the best treatment to solve the problem without giving your child unreasonable amounts of medication.

Cough syrup with snail slime is undoubtedly one of the most famous and effective natural remedy against cough. Does the children’s cough syrup with snail slime really work? Is it suitable for a dry or chesty cough, or for both? Where can I buy a good-quality cough syrup with snail slime?

Snail slime

The remarkable properties of snail slime have been known for a very long time, in particular its antioxidant and healing properties.
Snail slime contains collagen, vitamin A, E and C, glycolic acid, allantoin and elastin.

It is precisely for these reasons that snail slime is used in organic cosmetics for face cream with snail slime, slime serum, pure snail slime drops, hand cream with snail slime, etc.

Natural cosmetics with snail slime are a real deal for skincare. A natural beauty routine with snail slime is great for visibly more youthful looking skin, and for leaving your skin feeling hydrated and bouncy. Of course, you should always choose high-quality natural cosmetics.

In addition to these uses in organic cosmetics, snail slime is an essential ingredient for the preparation of natural cough syrups.

cough syrup children natural

Cough syrup for children: syrup with snail slime

The cough syrup with snail slime for children helps thinning the phlegm. Expectorate this phlegm is therefore easier and cough is treated in just a few days. Snail slime moisturises and lubricates the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and promotes the regeneration of the epithelium.

The cough syrup with snail slime is a natural and safe remedy to soothe a cough. The cough syrup with snail slime for children is highly recommended and has no contraindication. However, if in doubt, you should ask your doctor or pharmacist as they are most likely to know your child and give the right advice to treat the cough.

Chesty cough syrup for children

Chesty cough is the way our body clears our airways from phlegm. When mucus is thick, it may block our respiratory tract impairing proper breathing. Cough is therefore the way our body eliminates the excess phlegm. Being a defence mechanism, cough should not be stopped. The most recommended natural remedy is one thinning the phlegm so that you can expel it when you cough.

This is exactly what snail slime syrup can naturally do for you.

It contains enzymes that act on the viscosity of phlegm, making it more fluid. In addition, snail slime contains active ingredients enhancing the regeneration of the mucous membranes and epithelium of the larynx and bronchi.

Dry cough syrup for children

As for dry cough, there is no need to expel any phlegm. The thinning and expectorant action of snail slime is ineffective in such case.

However, the dry cough syrup for children with snail slime has a strong sedative effect, which is useful in relieving dry cough. Such properties are provided by the elastin, collagen and allantoin contained in the slime, which form a protection barrier on the throat. As mentioned above, the active ingredients in the natural snail slime syrup are beneficial for repairing and regenerating epithelial tissues damaged by dry coughs.

Cough syrup for children: dosage

The recommended dose for children depends on the type of cough syrup, on the age and on the type of disease.

We recommend however to carefully read the instructions on the outer packaging, or read the package leaflet. If you have any doubts, ask your pharmacist.

Natural syrup to treat heartburn and gastritis

We take this opportunity to remind you that, in addition to cough syrup for children, snail slime is also an effective natural remedy to treat common conditions of the digestive system such as gastritis, gastro-oesophageal reflux, oesophagitis reflux, etc.

The syrup with snail slime provides relief from heartburn and neutralises the pain and burning sensation. Indeed, snail slime repairs the natural protection layer of the gastric mucous membrane which gets damaged in case of heartburn and gastritis. The syrup protects the stomach so that these conditions are under your control.

The syrup contains aloe vera gel and mallow, which enhance the efficiency of the product. In fact, mallow has powerful emollient and anti-inflammatory properties, and aloe vera is a hailed for its emollient and healing properties, providing a natural protection to the mucous membranes of the digestive system.

Our syrup to treat heartburn is usually recommended not only for children, but also for adults who are frequently suffering from the above-mentioned digestive-system conditions.

Please note that natural syrups and supplements for the digestive system cannot substitute a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and regular exercise.

Where can I buy the snail slime syrup

The snail slime syrup for children was almost unknown until a few years ago, and it was therefore hard to find some. Nowadays, you can easily buy it in pharmacies, parapharmacies and herbal shops.

Also, you can now buy your natural syrup online and receive it directly at home. You may find some results if you search online the following keywords: children sedative cough syrup / children chesty cough syrup / cough syrup for children / children syrup against cough / dry cough syrup, etc.

Of course, we highly recommend you to use Mira Cosmetici Naturali thinning syrup for children’s chesty coughs. Our company is based in Italy, and all our products are 100% made in Italy. Our organic snail farm is located in the northern Piedmont countryside and respects the entire life cycle of the snails. We work with the best laboratories developing certified natural products. We guarantee the naturalness and quality of our organic products.

Mira Cosmetici Naturali online shop

On our shop online, you can find both the snail slime cough syrup for children and the snail slime syrup to treat heartburn. While our natural snail slime mucolytic syrup has a pleasant raspberry flavour, which children usually like, our snail slime syrup to treat heartburn tastes of liquorice.

The snail slime cough syrup also contains aloe vera and mallow which enhance the regeneration of the mucous membranes and have an effective anti-inflammatory effect.

These are entirely cruelty-free and natural products made in Italy. Our extraction process guarantees that the highest level of care is given to the molluscs, ensuring their well-being. We remind you that our farms respect the whole life cycle of the animals, which are exclusively bred with local and natural food, guaranteeing the quality and naturalness of our products, while respecting the environment.