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Mira snail slime cosmetic line is the result of the most advanced research

Mira snail slime cosmetics line uses the finest slime currently available on the market. It comes from our own organic farms respecting the entire life cycle of the snails. The part beyond our production capacity comes from Italian farmers who follow our same procedures and standards in order to guarantee the highest quality, to respect the animals, the environment and ethics all through the whole value chain.

Snail slime is one of the purest and most noble natural ingredient in the natural cosmetics industry. Its proven and established effectiveness makes it the flagship of natural and organic cosmetics and an irreplaceable ingredient to obtain a long-lasting supple and moisturised skin without discomfort nor blemishes, while respecting the environment.

Mira snail slime cosmetics line is the result of the most advanced research in natural beauty industry aiming at obtaining formulas based on scientific criteria and precise rules in line with the best practice of natural and organic cosmetics.

Our slime is extracted with the best Italian artisan laboratories according to a patented method of processing snail secretion. The slime obtained is extremely pure, stable and particularly effective. As a result, we develop unique natural cosmetic products of the highest quality which are amongst the best on the market. The active ingredients contained in our formulas are highly effective and blend seamlessly into the skin.

Snail slime is an extraordinary raw material secreted by the animals; it has been used since ancient times in medicine and cosmetics for its renown moisturising and soothing properties. Its high concentration in vitamin E, naturally contained in the slime, fights free radicals and cell ageing. Snail slime contains precious elements (i.e. collagen, elastin, etc.) regenerating the skin and making it hydrated, protected, supple and smooth to the touch.

The entire MIRA snail slime line contains slime in a high quantity so the products are as efficient as possible and for all skin types.

Our cosmetics products are ideal for personal use as well as for professionals (beauty centres, spas, aestheticians, etc.).

Our range exclusively showcase high quality products. We have decided to focus on a niche market where demanding customers pay a particular attention to the effectiveness and naturalness of the products.

We offer the following main product categories:

  • face and eye contour creams and serums
  • body and hand creams
  • regenerating masks
  • scrubs
  • body care products such as natural solid soaps, shampoos, bath foams and conditioners
  • aftershaves

All our products are 100% natural and are ranked at the top of their respective categories in terms of quality, value and effectiveness.