Face snail slime drops: a delightful pampering for your skin

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Snail slime face drops

Snail slime face drops: a soothing experience to regenerate the skin

The growing demand for organic cosmetics enhance consumer’s awareness of the properties and benefits of natural substances such as snail slime.

In particular, snail slime drops for the face are an efficient and ecological method to prevent ageing signs and improve the skin appearance.

Mira Cosmetici has therefore created a line of beauty products based on snail slime, which is, once again, an organic substance.

This product line includes:

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Pure snail slime properties

snail slime face drops

This substance is obtained from the secretion that snails generate while moving.

Mira Cosmetici’s production is carried out in a natural and cruelty-free way in laboratories using state-of-the-art equipment and a patented process. Snail slime is rich in many elements that have been proven to be an effective treatment for various skin conditions.

Glycolic acid has an exfoliating effect and is particularly suited to oily skins. To this extent, snail slime is renown to be an outstanding acne-prone skin remedy. It also has a noticeable delicate peeling effect that helps in reducing all kind of skin blemishes.

Mira Cosmetici’s snail slime face drops are highly concentrated in active ingredient, ensuring the maximum efficacy for those who want to stay away from chemical exfoliators.

Vitamin C and E are also present in large quantities in snail slime. They reduce inflammation and prevent the formation of free radicals, putting snail slime at the top of the ladder compared to many other chemical-based anti-ageing skincare products.

What also makes pure snail slime an excellent anti-ageing face treatment is the presence of elastin and collagen fibres.

Even when used alone, face snail slime drops are an excellent choice for nourishing the skin. The purity of the drops makes this product penetrates deeper into the skin than a cream and has a deeper and longer-lasting effect.

The drops are particularly effective when combined with other treatments, such as face creams and serums.

Simply massage gently a few drops into your cheeks in the evening before going to bed, and then slather on moisturiser: you can enjoy the many benefits of this natural substance after just a few days.

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