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About us

About us | Mira Cosmetici Naturali: organic beauty products based on snail slime

Mira Cosmetici Helix Snail

Mira Cosmetici is a 100% Italian company that wants to offer a new way to take care of ourselves without having an impact on people nor on animals.

All Mira Cosmetici products are organic, eco-friendly, sustainable and cruelty-free.

Helix Aspersa snails are at the centre of this process. In fact, our snail slime products are the result of the complete biological cycle of our snail farming.

The product cycle

Organic cosmetics are only the last part of a supply chain that starts much earlier, in an organic outdoor farm.

The snails grow in a protected environment that recreates as closely as possible their natural habitat and are bred exclusively with organic food.

The extraction process of the snail slime is completely cruelty-free. We have chosen to use a certified extraction system with special machines that allow the extraction process to be carried out quickly and free from harm.

Many producers of snail slime-based cosmetics use cheaper methods which cause great stress to the animal or even mortality, as in the case of mechanical or salt method.

In addition to damaging the snails, these methods often produce poor quality slime.

Our products have the highest percentage of pure slime on the market.

When high quality cosmetics meet the Italian organic farming    

Along with the production of cosmetic products, the snail farming is also used for gastronomy to ensure efficiency and the least possible waste of resources.

Everything is done to guarantee a 100% Made in Italy product.

The cosmetics market, and in particular the organic cosmetics market based on snail slime, is flooded with companies, even large ones, that rely on foreign raw material suppliers (mainly from China and Korea) who cannot therefore guarantee the absolute authenticity of the product either in terms of the quality of the ingredients or in terms of the quality and ethics of the farming and slime extraction process.

Cruelty free

The snails live in a protected environment and the slime is extracted using the latest generation of machinery to preserve the snails’ health.

100% natural

From the snails’ food to the final product, the entire production cycle can be defined as organic, resulting in a 100% natural product.


Only ingredients of natural origin are used in snail farming and in the laboratory for the production of cosmetic products.

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