Organic snail slime cosmetics: Mira Cosmetici product line

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Organic snail slime cosmetics

Organic snail slime cosmetics: Mira Cosmetici’s product line fully is organic

organic snail slime cosmetics products

There is a new way to take care of ourselves. Among the hundreds of products we can find on the shelves of perfumeries, herbalist shops and supermarkets, you can make a different choice by opting for organic snail slime cosmetics.

When using organic cosmetics, you make a responsible choice and you learn how to take care of yourself and of your surrounding environment. Mira’s ecological and sustainable cosmetics are indeed completely cruelty-free!

We offer an entire range of products: face creams, micellar waters, serums, drops, body and hand creams, but also scrubs, shampoo and conditioner, solid soap and aftershave. All our products are endowed with the same characteristic: the exceptional regenerating power of snail slime.

The new beauty trend is ecological, sustainable and organic cosmetics. Thanks to new technologies it is now possible to develop high-quality products free of harmful substance for both the body and skin.

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What does organic cosmetics mean? The notion refers to beauty products made from natural ingredients, such as plant-based substances.

However, it is not the only characteristic that organic products have to comply with, as they also must:

  • Not cause damages to the skin
  • Have a low environmental impact

A product can be labelled as organic and natural cosmetic only when all the conditions above are met.

Organic cosmetics made from snail slime, just like ours, are very special ones.

On the online organic cosmetic stores you can find many options, but only a few share the same features as Mira:

  • Snail extraction using cruelty-free methods
  • Very high percentage of pure slime
  • Fast delivery of our online natural cosmetics

On our online organic beauty shop you can find adequate solutions for your skin type: oily, dry or combination skin, with customised formulations to make your skin look better.

Organic cosmetics

organic snail slime cosmetics

Why online?


Online organic cosmetic stores are a great alternative to buying in person as you receive your product directly at home. Our online natural and organic cosmetics differ from others available on the wide existing market as they are sustainable, safe to use and of high quality.

The production comes from a traceable supply chain and is made in Italy, an ever since renowned symbol of quality.

With consumers being more and more conscious of making responsible choices, online organic cosmetics is a fast-growing sector.

This is why we want to offer the best products, guaranteeing their high quality!

Thanks to organic snail slime cosmetics you can quickly enjoy the benefits of this natural substance.

Take a look at our organic cosmetics section: our products can satisfy your every need!