Natural snail slime shampoo: ideal for your hair

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Natural shampoo

Natural snail slime shampoo: ideal for dry, oily or brittle hair

Silky, dry, straight, oily, curly, wavy, split ends, dark, light or red hair.

Hair plays an important role in our look and, just like our skin, is subject to change over time – for better or worse.

Just like the skin, it can be subject to hormonal changes that lead to more or less sebum production, and thus to oily or dry hair and scalp.

Healthy hair is none of the above: it has a delicate balance that must be preserved despite the constant stress it receives.

In fact, your hair can be damaged by:

  • Colourings
  • Drying your hair at intense heat
  • Improper hair care techniques

And for many other reasons.

Restoring or maintaining the correct balance is also the function of a shampoo.

A natural hair shampoo fulfils this delicate task with only natural, animal or plant ingredients.

The sole power of nature, with no chemical additives.

At Mira Cosmetici, we have chosen to create a sustainable cosmetic product with snail slime being the key ingredient. Only high-quality raw materials are used and we have a cruelty-free production process.

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Our natural organic shampoo

natural organic shampoo

Amongst the many organic hair products, including conditioners, masks and many more, natural shampoos are essential given that they are the first product to be applied when washing the hair.

Therefore, it must provide effective cleansing without being too aggressive; nourish the hair and repair breakage without omitting to stimulate growth.

Snail slime is a substance with many properties, making our natural shampoo suitable for all hair types.

A sensitive scalp needs hydration whereas oily roots rather need a deep cleansing.

It is not so easy to figure out which shampoo to use, but our natural shampoo solves the issues thanks to its special composition.

Snail slime is composed of a mix of vitamins, proteins and other substances which blend perfectly together to create a unique product suitable for all types of hair.

Glycolic acid and peptides regulate the scalp sebum while elastin, collagen and allantoin treat dry and brittle ends.

The result: your hair looks healthier, smoother, shinier and nourished.

Due to the absence of aggressive components, this natural shampoo is also suitable for frequent and daily use.

Who should use a natural shampoo?

natural shampoo for all hair types

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