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Regenerating face mask and charcoal mask

Snail slime regenerating face mask: does it suit every skin type?

The face is one of the body parts that is most subject to imbalances of different natures. These must be treated using cosmetics that are right for your skin type and its issues.

In fact, face skin is on the one hand exposed to external factors such as the cold and the sun which can affect its elasticity and favour ageing, and on the other hand it is also affected by internal factors such as hormonal imbalances which can result in the formation of imperfections such as acne and spots.

In this sense, the face is one of the most delicate parts of our body and its skin must be protected using high-quality products. In fact, the use of poor-quality products or products of dubious origin, not only fails to provide any good results but could also seriously damage the skin permanently.

There are many products that you can use to preserve and protect your face skin. Daily treatments include creams, serums and drops that allow an optimum cell turnover and maintain hydration.

However, on punctual occasions you may use a stronger product such as a regenerating face mask.


The carcoal mask is a black mask composed mainly of charcoal and has great antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Unlike the clay mask, this exceptional charcoal mask gently cleanses the skin in depth.
After removing it, you will feel a slight sensation on the skin and most importantly, your skin will feel refreshed and soft.

Benefits of the charcoal mask:

  • exfoliating mask (peeling)
  • promotes tissue oxygenation
  • antimicrobical effet
  • reduces excessive sebum secretion
  • removes blackheads and spots
  • purifies the skin
  • does not irritare, even delicate skin

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What is the regenerating face mask for?

Regenerating face mask fights problems

Times of great psychological stress, exposure to very low temperatures, the use of poor-quality cosmetics or cosmetics that are not suitable for your skin type, or even internal problems such as excessive dryness or, on the contrary, excessive sebum production can compromise the health of your face’s skin, exposing it to uncomfortable or, even worse, to harmful imperfections.

For all of the above circumstances, a face mask can do a lot to help!

Face masks fall into different categories, of which natural anti-wrinkle masks; peel-off masks; wash-off masks, charcoal masks and cream masks.

There is a face mask for all skin type and goals, and therefore, should not be used by everyone.

On the contrary, a snail slime face mask is versatile. It can address the majority of skin problems thanks to the purifying action of snail slime.

What makes this regenerating face mask so unique? Its main ingredient of course: snail slime. At Mira Cosmetici we have chosen to create an entire line of cosmetics and personal body care based on this organic and sustainable ingredient.

Snail slime is the secretion that snails produce when they move around. In our organic farm, we are equipped with machines that allow an extraction process painless for snails.

This secretion is composed of several elements that makes it suitable for all skin types:

  • Peptides and glycolic acid prevent the accumulation of impurities and gently smooth the skin, making the regenerating face mask ideal for oily and acne-prone skin;
  • Elastin and collagen, stimulated by allantoin, favour the cell turnover. The creation of new cells delays the appearance of wrinkles and premature ageing of the skin, making the mask also ideal for dry skin.

Therefore, the main effect of this regenerating face mask is to remove the surface layer of dead cells and bring out new cells, making the skin more elastic, smooth and looking better in every way!

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