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Certified Cosmetics

Our certified cosmetics: Mira Cosmetici's quality certificates

Over the past years, consumers have become increasingly conscious of the products they use.

It is a positive trend as it highlights the quality of the products, and it is especially good news for cosmetics that are applied to the skin and can therefore have harmful consequences on health.

More and more men and women are using only certified cosmetics because they want to be sure of the quality of the products they use. In order to be guaranteed of the product’s safety, it is necessary to rely on competent bodies that check the composition and quality of the product and issue a document certifying the accuracy of the manufacturer’s claims.

We have chosen to produce certified organic cosmetics because we aim to offer quality products without disregarding the environment, the ecosystem and the animal welfare.

Our certified organic cosmetics are made from substances of natural origin and do not contain chemical nor synthetic substances other than the surfactants needed to obtain the creamy consistency required to apply the product.

Organic certification of cosmetics

In Italy, the Act 713/86 regulates organic certifications for cosmetics. European directives also apply, and they are notoriously restrictive.

Certified cosmetics are endorsed with a certification mark provided by the certifier and is affixed to the product itself as a guarantee of quality and safety.

In order to understand and be fully informed about certifications one should also know how to make the difference between organic and natural cosmetics.

While an organic cosmetic is indeed natural, the same does not apply to the contrary.

A natural cosmetic is a cosmetic whose formulation is based on ingredients of natural origin.

In the case of organic cosmetics, all ingredients used come from certified organic farming, the product does not contain any toxic or otherwise hazardous substances, no animal experiments have been conducted and the animals have not been harmed in any way, and no GMOs have been used.

All these guarantees would be impossible to obtain with cosmetics that are “only” natural.



The C.I.E. is committed to studying, experimenting and communicating the best management methods for snails farming and related activities.
The C.I.E. acts at national level and provides technical support to producers through a continuous quality control of the production and the proper management of the quality label “Filiera Lumache Italiane” (Italian Snail Production Chain).
The member companies, such as Mira Cosmetici Naturali, must manage the farming according to the rules and indications of the “FILIERA LUMACHE ITALIANE” production protocol.


"FILIERA LUMACHE ITALIANE" (Italian Snail Production Chain)

One of the main activities of the Italian Snail Farmers federation is the direct management of the quality label: FILIERA LUMACHE ITALIANE (Italian Snail Production Chain).
This label is the flagship of Italian snail farming. This label is granted only to snail farmers registered with the organisation who have set up their production according to the rules of selection and certification of breeding stock, management of the predominantly plant-based feeding method and use of the indicated operational and technical tools.
Only snail farmers certified by the C.I.E. such as Mira Cosmetici Naturali may use this label, which distinguishes snails bred in outdoor pens and receiving a plant-based diet (natural method) from foreign snails raised and fattened with concentrated feed and the use of auxin.
Helix snails produced by members of the Federation must be reared using the natural method and with their main diet based on fresh vegetables and limited supplementary concentrated food. The organoleptic differences of these snails are significant, marking a strong distinction from the molluscs reared on concentrated feed that currently flood our markets.



ICEA is a non-profit consortium involving institutions, associations, companies and civil society organisations, which have contributed to the dialogue and promoted the development of organic farming in Italy.
It verifies and certifies several thousand companies that work in respect of people and the environment, protecting the dignity of workers and the rights of consumers.

The ‘Cosmos Organic’ certification, guided by the natural Standard COSMOS, is the most stringent certification. In addition to the requirements of naturalness and green chemistry, it also includes the use of ingredients produced by organic farming methods. To be granted the Cosmos Organic certification, at least 20% of the ingredients must be organic. Physically processed agricultural ingredients in the formula must be at least 95% from organic agriculture.

The use of raw materials from animals or plants listed in a European and international agreement      of protected species is prohibited. Raw materials originating from parts of living or slaughtered animals cannot be used. However, the use of milk, honey, wax and other ingredients of animal origin produced by the animals themselves and not resulting from their killing or suffering is permitted.



Mira Cosmetici Naturali relies on associate laboratories that use the most innovative cruelty-free slime extraction technique, the “Cruelty-Free” method called “OzoSnail” designed and patented by D. Veroni (No. EP 16202140.6). This controlled biological cycle extraction uses elements of natural origin such as ozone and organic plant extracts.

  • Preventive sanitisation of snails prior to the slime extraction = better quality and longer durability of the slime before its final freeze-drying.
  • High quality of the chemical characteristics of the slime extracted without stress. The use of the special liquid stimulating secretion is a decisive factor and avoids biological damage during the secretion (as occurs with the use of salt, vinegar or other negative stimulants).
  • With this method, there are moments of great revitalisation and awakening of the snails before and during the extraction process. After the treatment, they are alive and healthy.
  • The equipment is safe, certified and easy to use.

Thanks to many years of research, we are now using strictly non-invasive systems, using appropriate stimulants and stabilisers to achieve highly natural results.

The percentages of mucopolysaccharides and proteins found in the slime through machinery and equipment in the final phase of testing are very high and therefore more effective as the anti-inflammatory, soothing and cell restructuring properties.

Slime is composed of a complex set of components also used in the pharmaceutical sector. The synergy of such components and a verified method have made it possible to obtain a pure and high-quality extraction.

During the extraction process, natural substances are used that do not affect the snail’s health and that actually revitalise its physiological well-being, without causing suffering.

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