Respecting snails, nature and the ecosystem

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We respect the snails, nature and the ecosystem: how do we develop our ecological and sustainable products

respect for snails

Beauty industry and animal welfare are two fields that have been in conflict over the years.

For instance, furs and animal experiments in cosmetics have always caused controversy and indignation among many people in Italy and abroad.

Fortunately, in the course of time awareness has increased together with the enforcement of protective laws that persuade people to choose beauty products made with a 100% cruelty-free process.

Today painless slime extraction is possible using the most advanced technology. This is just as we do at Mira Cosmetici Naturali for all our beauty products made from snail slime.

One can wonder how is it possible to create a farm that not only respects the whole biological life cycle of the snails and their welfare, but is also conscious of the surrounding environments and the resources used?

It is essential to set up a production line that takes into account the required peculiarities, that promotes the protection and respect of nature rather than profit at all costs.

Let’s take a look then at how our products are made and the specific production process we use!

How is snail slime obtained?

How is snail slime obtained?

Snail slime is a secretion that snails produce themselves. This jelly-like substance is mainly used to facilitate movement and adhesion to the ground – both flat and vertical – but is also used as a defence against predators.

This means that using appropriate techniques it is possible to stimulate the secretion of slime in a safe environment while respecting the molluscs.

The secretion is produced thanks to a special stimulation via nebulisation with state-of-the-art machines, and is collected without any suffering for the animals. The molluscs are then placed back in their natural farm where they simply continue to live in their natural habitat.

It is fair to say that respecting the snails means interfering as little as possible with their activities and promoting a method that complies appropriately with the needs of our ecosystem.

It goes without saying that these efforts must produce a high-quality serum. Therefore, so we always care about the snails we operate according to a precise methodology, even during the production:

  • Animals are fed exclusively with organic food.
  • In order to obtain serum, snails are stimulated by means of a gentle next generation process and subsequently are immediately placed back in their dedicated habitat.
  • The serum extracted goes through filtration and micro filtration processes in order to obtain one of the purest slime available on the market.
  • Snails are constantly checked and monitored as the purity and quality of the product directly obtained rely on their health condition.

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