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Pure snail slime aftershave

Mira Cosmetici snail slime aftershave: for a healthy skin without irritations

For all men, finding the right beard and face care products is not a simple task.

Few are, indeed, the products that specifically target men and contain moisturising and emollient substances in such quantity and quality as those for women.

Therefore, at Mira Cosmetici we have developed a range of product that aims to meet this demand: made of a 100% natural origin formula and composed only of high-quality organic cosmetic products, for men and women who want the best for their skin.

Shaving is one of the most delicate moment for men as it provokes great stress on the face skin.

After shaving all you need is a deep moisturising and at the same time a shave product that relieves the inevitable small cuts.

This is the reason why we developed an aftershave gel with snail slime. Its ingredients soothe the irritated just-shaved skin.

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pure snail slime aftershave

Snail slime aftershave is a natural aftershave as it does not contain any chemicals and is exclusively made of elements of plant or animal origin.

The main ingredient is precisely snail slime, produced by molluscs that live in a natural farm where they are fed with the best nutrients.

Snails produce slime to move and also to protect their own skin from trauma and injury. This mucus is collected with advanced laboratories thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and through a painless process.

Said secretion is composed of elements that mix to the perfection into an aftershave gel:

  • Elastin, allantoin and collagen fibres stimulate the cell turnover, eliminating dead cells and favouring the generation of a new skin layer. They are very useful to heal faster all the superficial cuts resulting from shaving. This aftershave also is an excellent anti-ageing product as well as one of the best aftershaves for sensitive skin.
  • Glycolic acid and peptides exfoliate the skin: they are indeed very efficient for closing pores and against acne.
  • Vitamins and proteins fight free radicals and reduce inflammation.

Snail slime naturally contains all the above substances, and so is our own body too, though in lesser extent.

To make shaving a pleasant moment, apply the snail slime aftershave gel on dry face and neck after shaving. Massage gently into the skin with circular movements until it is completely absorbed.

You will feel the effects of snail slime on shaving cuts and burns after a few applications only, and your skin will appear more plumped and supple.

For extra care, combine the aftershave with our soaps, bath foams, shampoos and conditioners: even your hair can enjoy the benefits of snail slime.

All our products are available on our online store: quick delivery, 7-day returns policy and secure payment methods allow you to receive a high-quality product directly at home so you can take care of your skin.

Apply daily to get smoother skin

pure snail slime aftershave - daily use

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