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Snail slime body cream

Mira Cosmetici snail slime body cream: properties, results and use

Our skin needs constant care: we should clean it, moisturise and exfoliate it every day. If we don’t, we allow skin imperfections to develop, from wrinkles and stretch marks to spots and other minor but annoying problems.

Taking care of our skin means choosing good quality products with an easily verifiable INCI listing.

As  we take care of ourselves why shouldn’t we also take care of our close environment? Doing both is possible if you choose sustainable and organic cosmetics such as Mira Cosmetici’s.

Our production is based on one natural ingredient: snail slime. This is the secretion that snails produce when gliding and that is renowned for its extraordinary regenerative qualities for the skin.

Thus, choosing 100% all-natural substances, we can use those products on the face and the body to have a plumped, smooth and soft skin while protecting the environment.

We have opted for a completely cruelty-free and sustainable process. From the breeding of the snails to the packaging of the products, the animals are not harmed in any way whatsoever and only natural substances are being used.

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Is snail slime the best body cream?

Snail slime body cream Mira Cosmetici

Body creams can be made of many different ingredients of animal, plant or chemical origin. You may find different kind of body moisturisers suitable to your type of skin, according to its characteristics.

However, our snail slime-based body cream formula suits all skin types, precisely thanks to its special composition.

Snail slime is indeed composed of substances capable of balancing each other and offers long-lasting benefits.

Those substances are:

  • Elastin and collagen fibres, which help the cells to regenerate, preventing ageing and reducing the appearance of existing wrinkles;
  • Allantoin, which stimulates the elastin production and removes ageing signs such as skin blemishes, scars and burns;
  • Proteins and vitamins, which help tissue oxygenation.

The best body creams may contain one or more of these elements, but in general they are artificially processed additives.

On the contrary, snail slime naturally contains all of the above compounds!

Body cream is an ideal skincare product: to enjoy its benefits to the full, it is essential to apply it regularly, every day after cleansing, massaging deeply and vigorously until full absorption.

Using our secure payment gateway, order from our online shop our natural body cream and get it delivered to your home quickly thanks to our free and fast delivery service. In addition, we offer a free return policy within 7 days of receipt.

Try Mira Cosmetici’s products and let yourself be conquered by the natural properties of snail slime.

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Snail slime Body cream

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