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Natural cough syrup

Natural dry and chesty cough syrup containing animal-derived components

Coughing can occur at the most unexpected moments, for example while we are making an important presentation or worse, at bedtime, and it can be temporary or last much longer.

It is an extremely unpleasant illness that can even become chronic if not treated.

There are many medicines that can ease symptoms, but because they are chemicals, it is best not to overuse them in the long term.

Alternatively, it exists natural remedies such as cough syrups to treat the symptoms and the causes of the illness, thus putting an end to the discomfort.

A natural cough syrup is made of animal-derived and plant-based substances to obtain the required effects. In fact, almost all we need can be found in nature.

Thanks to such products, we can finally get on with our life, forgetting about attacks of dry or chesty coughs.

At Mira Cosmetici, we breed snails for the production of organic products using a completely cruelty-free process. Snail slime has many good properties for the skin, and is also proves useful to prevent and treat coughs.

Is there a syrup that can naturally relieve cough?

Anybody can have a cough at any time of day. However, when the attacks are persistent and repeated, this can be the sign of an underlying condition. A cough can be either dry or chesty.

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How to choose the right cough syrup?

natural syrup for dry and oily cough
    • A dry cough is caused by an inflammation that mainly affects the nose, throat, pharynx, larynx and trachea. It is characterised by being “wheezy”, with attacks leading to burning in the throat.
    • However, a chesty cough is a symptom of an inflammation or infection that develops deeper, usually in the lungs and bronchi. This is where phlegm is produced, and this is the natural body’s reaction to the infection. A chesty cough helps in expelling phlegm.

    These are two completely different symptoms and it is important to know how to recognise the differences between them in order to identify which treatment will be most effective.

    Indeed, you should use an expectorant for chesty cough, and a natural syrup for a dry cough with a sedative effect.

    To sum it up, a different product must be used to treat both types of coughs.

    However, this does not apply to the natural cough syrup made with snail slime!

    The high concentration of pure snail slime in our products makes it suitable for both dry and chesty coughs. How is it possible?

    Just like our heartburn syrup, everything is based on elements contained in the slime.

    • The thinning properties of the lytic enzymes produced by the snails facilitate the expulsion of phlegm.
    • The sedative properties to combat dry coughs are provided by the elastin, collagen and allantoin present in the slime, which form a protective barrier for the throat.

    Our natural cough syrup can also be used for prolonged periods of time as it is exclusively made of natural substances, and it is available on our online shop!

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