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Help your hair and beard looking their best with snail slime

Nowadays, hair plays an important role in our look and just like our skin, it is subject to change over time if we don’t take care of it!

Restoring or maintaining the correct balance is also the role of a shampoo.

Mira Cosmetici’s natural shampoo fulfils this delicate task with only natural, animal or plant-based ingredients. NO chemical additives are used.

Beard care: for all men, finding the effective products to take care of their beard and face is not easy.

It is the reason why we have created a snail slime aftershave gel. Its ingredients provide relief to the skin that is overstressed by shaving.

After shaving, you need a deep moisturising and at the same time a product able to alleviate the inevitable small cuts.

At Mira Cosmetici, we have chosen to create a sustainable cosmetic product based on snail slime, using high-quality raw materials and having a cruelty-free production process.