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Nourishing bath foam

Mira Cosmetici’s nourishing bath foam enriched with snail slime for a feeling of ultimate relaxation

For many people, bathing or showering is nothing more than a necessary commitment to ensure their hygiene: a quick routine that takes just a few minutes to get the body cleansed and perfumed.

Does that ritual of wellbeing, serenity and cocooning that has always been associated with a warm bath no longer exist?

When you have a little extra time available, make sure to treat yourself to a bath, and indulge with a scrub and a face or hair mask.

Whether it is for a long-lasting spa ritual or for a quick shower, it is essential to use quality products as the skin absorbs the substances founding cleansing products. The consequences can be either positive or negative depending on the quality of the product itself.

The nourishing bath foam is the core product we should use when showering: it allows us to repair sun damage in the summer and properly nourish the skin all year round.

In order to find the right product and understand how best to nourish the skin, one needs to identify their skin type. Skin can be dry, oily, scaly, irritated, sensitive, etc.

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What is the best nourishing bath foam?

Nourishing Bath Foam

All body cleansers should have a moisturising component, which can be more or less important depending on the skin type: dry skin will need a deeper hydration.

A nourishing bath foam with snail slime both provides intense moisture and has positive effects on cell turnover.

This nourishing bath foam is made up of a high percentage of the secretions that snails generate as they crawl. This substance is made of elements that bring numerous benefits to the body.

All organic cosmetics made with snail slime contain elastin, collagen and allantoin, which prevent the formation of imperfections or slow down their appearance.

Vitamins and proteins have an anti-inflammatory effect and neutralise free radicals.

Last but not least, peptides and glycolic acid have a significant exfoliating action, allowing the most superficial layer of dead cells to be eliminated during the shower.

When using a nourishing bath foam with snail slime you can immediately notice the benefits for the skin, which is left hydrated, firm and elastic.

At Mira Cosmetici we have developed a snail slime-based cosmetics line which star ingredient is responsibly sourced and in a way that is absolutely safe and cruelty-free for snails.

You can complement and intensify the action of your nourishing bath foam with a body cream and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your face with creams, serums and drops.

You can also experience the benefits of snail slime on your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

On our online shop, you can choose the product you need. We will deliver it directly to your home within a few days and we offer a 7-day free return guarantee policy.

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