Snail slime protecting hand cream: uses and properties

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Protective snail slime hand cream

Protective snail slime hand cream: uses and regenerating properties

Our hands are our calling cards: we use them to introduce ourselves, to work and to do many other things.

For this reason, they are subject to more stress and “aggressions” than other parts of our body and are more susceptible to wrinkles, blemishes and other unattractive imperfections.

It is essential to take care of such an important part of our body. Organic cosmetics are the best products we can choose to get rid of our own noticeable imperfections.

Hydrating hand creams are, for sure, an excellent solution: they restore the dermal balance that has been damaged from either external aggression such as the cold and minor traumas, or from internal factors such as natural skin dryness.

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Snail slime hand cream

effective snail slime hand cream

To be efficient, a hand cream must contain some specific ingredients which action prevent the effects of cold, manual work and the natural ageing process.

Elastin, collagen, allantoin, proteins and vitamins are elements that help reaching this result.

Snail slime, an organic substance, naturally contains all these compounds.

Mira Cosmetici’s protective snail slime hand cream has the highest snail slime concentration available on the market. You can rest assured that you are using a high-quality product specifically developed for people who want to take care of themselves using what best is available.

In addition, all the steps of our production process are cruelty-free.

The secretion produced by the snails is collected with the state-of-the-art equipment that do not harm the animals and allow a high-quality product.

Cold weather is the greatest problem for hand skin. During colder months, due to exposure to lower temperatures for more or less prolonged periods, the skin can easily get chapped or even cracked.

In these cases, in addition to wearing gloves, it is essential to apply a cream for dry hands that provides the right amount of moisture and at the same time help the superficial cells to regenerate. Chapped hands need a faster cell turnover than healthy hands and snail slime may just be the most helpful to achieve this result.

However, cold weather is not the only problem hands may face: indoor or outdoor manual work, irritating cleansers, hot and cold water as well as the use of certain tools can cause more or less serious damage to the skin.

Even in those cases applying our snail slime hand cream can efficiently help thanks to the vitamins C and E and allantoin it contains. The latter stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, responsible of the cell regeneration.

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