What are the ingredients of the snail slime cosmetics

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Ingredients in snail slime cosmetics

Ingredients in snail slime cosmetics: Mira Cosmetici compositions

Snail slime is a substance used in cosmetics as well as for the treatment of certain diseases such as coughs or acid reflux.

The many benefits of this organic cosmetic have been proven over the years by medical studies which have also shown that it is a genuine alternative to other cosmetics thanks to the natural elements it contains.

All snail slime products offer a range of benefits not only for the skin, but also for hair and hygiene. Being of sustainable origin, these high-quality products are perfect alternatives to a wider range of products.

Snail slime in cosmetics is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to take care of themselves without renouncing to some fundamental ethical principles such as the protection of the environment, the animals and the entire ecosystem.

What does a naturally produced snail slime cosmetic product contain?

Products developed for beauty and wellbeing have very different INCI listings depending on their specific purpose.

There are face creams and serums, drops, body creams, bath foams and aftershaves and many more.

In any case, the main ingredient for this category remains the snail slime.

What ingredients compose snail slime cosmetics

Out of the products available on the market, Mira Cosmetici’s ones contain the highest concentration of pure slime. To assess the quality and effectiveness of a product, just refer to the INCI listing (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) which is legally required on all packaging.

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It is not artificially added water, but water that is naturally contained in slime in various proportions.

Elastin and collagen

These two proteins are naturally present in our skin. They have the fundamental function of maintaining and restoring the skin's suppleness, thereby repairing the tissues. They are the proteins in charge of fighting wrinkles.

Vitamin C and E

Vitamin C stimulates collagen production while vitamin E slows down the cellular ageing phenomenon.


It is the slime itself, the secretion originating from the gliding of snails over a surface. It is a jelly-like substance with many regenerative properties for the skin.

Peptides and glycolic acid

These two elements apparently have the opposite function to elastin and collagen. In fact, they generate an exfoliating action, thus allowing the renewal and turnover of the superficial skin layer. In addition, they create a protective barrier that prevents the attack of external micro-organisms. Glycolic acid, in particular, has an astringent effect which tightens the pores, helps to keep the skin clean and limits the production of sebum. This is why snail slime cosmetics are also recommended for oily and acne-prone skin.

Mira Cosmetici products have been awarded a series of certifications guaranteeing the quality and natural origin of the ingredients. Snail slime is indeed obtained through a process that does not harm animals in any way and the entire production chain is based on the criteria of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Thus, we can ensure a high-quality, organic and eco-friendly product!

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