Get healthy and shiny hair thanks to snail slime

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Healthy hair

Get healthy, shiny hair with snail slime in shampoo and conditioner

To have strong and healthy hair is a goal that not everyone can achieve. Some people are blessed by nature with thick, shiny and healthy hair. Others, however, have to use specific products to reach the same result.

Fortunately, even if you fall into the second category completely natural solutions to obtain healthier hair do exist.

You can rely on shampoo, conditioner and masks. Using them wisely and choosing the ones with a good INCI listing will help you get great results straight away.

The hair, like the skin, is a body extension and is alive: it has a life cycle, can get sick, suffer trauma, and can even heal.

To understand how to have healthy hair you first need to determine your hair type.

Hair can be dry, oily, brittle, coloured, natural, coarse, fine, long or short, with split ends, curly or straight.

There are so many factors to take into account when determining how to grow healthy hair.

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How to use snail slime to keep healthy hair

healthy hair snail slime

Snail slime is an extremely valuable product, or rather substance, for hair care.

Snails secrete slime to prevent traumas and infections.

Many studies have confirmed that this substance has numerous beneficial properties for skin and hair thanks to its compounds.

Thus, here at Mira Cosmetici we have decided to develop a line of organic cosmetics dedicated to body and hair care, personal hygiene and some health problems such as coughs and acid reflux.

We have created an organic farm where snails live in peace and the process of extracting the slime is completely pain-free.

All the products we have developed are chemical-free and have a very high percentage of pure snail slime; the highest on the market in fact!

By using our shampoos and conditioners helps you keeping healthy hair for a longer time and repair damages caused by the sun, wind, wrong colouring or a hair type that is too dry or too oily.

Before using a product on your hair always make sure you know what it is made of.

Our products have a clear and transparent INCI listing, with ingredients exclusively of animal or plant origin.

The main ingredient is snail slime, which itself contains:

  • Collagen and elastin, to reinforce the hair fibres and make them strong and elastic;
  • Vitamins C and E, to neutralise free radicals;
  • Proteins, to help oxygenate and hydrate the hair.

Blended together all these elements have significant beneficial effects on the hair and scalp, which become healthier and more balanced after just a few applications.

The hair is also strengthened right down to the tip, slowing down phenomena such as split ends and broken hair.

A genuine cure-all for your hair using only elements provided by nature to significantly improve the appearance and health of your hair.

What does a snail slime-based shampoo contain?

strengthening healthy hair with snail slime

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