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Mira Cosmetici organic cosmetics INCI list: what’s in our products

More and more consumers are paying attention to what they buy, especially when it comes to cosmetics.

In recent years, many brands have claimed to produce “quality products” although in reality these are made with ingredients or processes that cannot be described as such.

On the market of organic cosmetics, it is easy to be misled if you do not know the exact composition of a product, no matter whether it is a face cream, a serum or a bath foam.

Fortunately, the INCI list could help assessing the quality of a product.

The nomenclature for use in the ingredient declaration is set out in the cosmetic inventory, known as INCI (International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients). All cosmetic and personal care products must display a list of all the ingredients that they contain, typically listed in descending order of predominance.

The INCI is obviously very important as the products are applied on the skin and therefore may be harmful if they are not of excellent quality. On the contrary, cosmetics made of a good INCI can be used for all skin types without risk.

Organic cosmetics INCI

The ingredients of a cosmetic product can be of natural origin (including animal origin) or of artificial origin, thereby synthesised. The INCI ingredients are listed in order that one can immediately identify which substance is present in the highest quantity and thus assess the quality of the product.

How to read the INCI? All it takes is to identify the substances present in the product and do a quick search on the Internet to find out if it is, or not, a quality product!

The INCI of organic products is meant to help the consumers: it is legally required to be listed on each product and once you have learned how to read it carefully, it allows you to make responsible and conscious purchases, taking different factors into account:

  • Quality and safety of the product
  • Attention to the environment
  • Ecological and sustainable production

Mira Cosmetici products meet all these requirements, thanks to its commitment to an organic production and a cruelty-free slime extraction process.

Mira Cosmetici INCI Ingredients

Our products are exclusively made of high-quality ingredients with snail slime, a natural substance that snails produce for moving around, being the core one. All our products except the scrub contain slime.

Other ingredients that are commonly use in most products are:

  • Calendula

    an anti-inflammatory substance obtained from a Mediterranean plant; used in our micellar water , bath and shower foams and aftershave gel

  • Eucalyptus

    an evergreen tree; used in our aftershave gel

  • Rose water

    antibacterial and healing agent; used in our micellar water

  • Aloe vera

    plant with numerous properties; used in our micellar water, bath and shower foams and face serum

  • Oat

    micellar water, hair conditioner

  • Olive oil

    bath and shower foams, hair conditioner

  • Shea butter

    hair conditioner

  • Chamomile

    hair conditioner

  • Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)

    hair conditioner

  • Horse chestnut

    face mask

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