Mira Cosmetici snail slime hair conditioner: composition

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Snail slime conditioner

Mira Cosmetici Snail slime conditioner: composition and production

Whether dry or not, hair always needs nourishment. After the washing process with the shampoo which eliminates the lipid layer and other impurities formed, your hair can be stressed. This is the reason why it is necessary to proceed with a nourishing ritual in a second step. This not only nourishes the hair, but also removes tangles and prepare your hair for styling.

This can be achieved with a good hair conditioner or hair mask.

The composition of a hair conditioner can vary greatly but it usually is rich in ingredients that nourish the hair.

Without this step, the scalp will be clean but not sufficiently nourished.

If your hair conditioner does not have a good INCI list of ingredients which are rich in natural elements to provide instant hydration, split ends, hair loss and other alterations may appear.

Our snail slime-based conditioner contains restorative and healing properties without being too “heavy” on the hair.

The mucus released by snails as they crawl is a jelly-like substance that contains precious elements for a healthy scalp.

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The main feature of snail slime conditioner is that it naturally contains all those elements that have to be processed artificially in industrial products.

Vitamins that are good for the hair are an example, and more specifically vitamins C and E which can be found in abundance in snail slime. Proteins also play an important role by enhancing tissue oxygenation and hydration. Hair itself is made of solid proteins, fats and water!

As per with other organic body cosmetics, snail slime conditioner has moisturising and regenerative properties that are beneficial for the scalp and the hair growth.

The conditioner is particularly effective on hair damaged by the sun, chlorine, wind or certain types of aggressive hair colouring.

Long-term use of the wrong products can also cause such damage.

The repair process starts with the use of these products, which are also suitable for daily or frequent use.

At Mira Cosmetici, we aim to provide a quality product in every respect.

  • Ingredients are carefully selected: the biological snail breeding cycle includes a diet based on food that snails find in nature.
  • The process to obtain slime is completely painless for the snails and is carried out with cutting-edge equipment.
  • Snails in adequate conditions and the above-mentioned equipment allow us to obtain an excellent quality of slime for our products.
  • The percentage of pure slime in our products is the highest on the market.

All this allows us to offer a high-quality product, intended for those who want to take care of their body and hair in a responsible way, without compromising anything.

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