Snail slime serum: benefits and characteristics

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Snail slime serum and eye contour

Snail slime serum: benefits and characteristics of this organic alternative

Snail slime serum is an organic cosmetic product that has many benefits for the skin.

It is called slime serum because, among other natural ingredients, it is made from the natural secretion of snails.

This protection that snails produce also help avoid signs of ageing and reduce skin imperfections: it is therefore a very effective organic, ecological and sustainable product.

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Face serum: which one should you choose?

snail slime serum which one to choose

Among the myriad of existing beauty products for face skin, serum is one of the least used.

In general, people prefer creams, even though these have a lower concentration of active ingredient.

However, amongst the serums available on the market, Mira Cosmetici’s snail slime serum has one of the highest concentrations of slime. Its INCI list is composed of completely natural ingredients and the slime extraction process itself is cruelty-free.

Choosing a snail serum depends on your current skin condition, your age and which imperfections you wish to treat or prevent.

Face serum and eye contour

Our face and eye contour serum specifically targets wrinkles and is just perfect for your skin thanks to its high moisturising and anti-wrinkle properties. If you do not have wrinkles yet, it helps preventing them.

Mira Cosmetici’s eye contour is also ideal as a complement for Face Cream or can be used alone for particularly problematic and mature skin.


  • Unscented natural fragrance
  • Non-greasy

As mentioned already, the use of creams is generally more common than the use of serum as a face treatment.

However, the snail slime serum contains a higher concentration of the active ingredient which is diluted with other ingredients in the cream.

For this reason, only a small amount is needed to apply the serum correctly.

Moreover, unlike the cream, the serum requires a less intense application: gently massage for a short time the product on the face.

For a complete treatment, you can combine the face cream with the snail slime serum, using the latter first and slather the cream on top after a few minutes.

The serum can be applied in the morning before starting the day, or in the evening before going to bed.

Precisely because snail slime serum is a concentrated product, it contains significant amounts of three ingredients that are essential for the skin:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins

These ingredients combined with the slime’s natural exfoliating, regenerating and nourishing properties can reduce the signs of skin ageing and the appearance of wrinkles, as well as dry or oily skin.

Who should use it

Snail slime serum is suitable for all ages: under 40’s, it prevents efficiently the appearance of wrinkles, while after 40’s it slows down the first signs of ageing.

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Difference between snail serum and cream

snail slime serum

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