Snail slime moisturiser for dry skin

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Moisturiser for dry skin

Natural snail slime moisturiser for dry skin: Mira Cosmetici’s face cream

Dry skin, on the face as on the body affects many people. Even if it does not present a threat to the health, it can be annoying as it causes a series of symptoms that may lead to discomfort in your relationships with others.

Redness, desquamation, sunburn and many other consequences are common for this type of epidermis, and to moisturise dry skin we use a wide variety of remedies, ranging from a specific soap to medications.

At Mira Cosmetici, we have created an organic cosmetic range of products helping to keep your skin hydrated thanks to a completely natural ingredient: snail slime. This range of products includes a cream, an excellent product to hydrate dry skin, as well as serums and drops for a more concentrated effect.

Our products stand out in the organic cosmetics market for the following aspects:

  • The way we breed the snails and extract the serum respects the animals and their life cycle
  • Only natural ingredients are used to make the products
  • Among all products that are available on the market, ours have the highest pure snail slime concentration
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Dry skin: causes and remedies

snail slime moisturizer for dry skin

There are many natural remedies to help soothing dry skin.

The best product for dry skin certainly is a moisturiser – however, its formula may change depending on whether dry skin is experienced on the face or on other parts of the body; whether it is temporary due to cold or is a chronic skin condition; and whether it is generalised or localised.

Only once you have identified why your skin is dry you can figure out how best to moisturise your skin.

The main causes of dry skin are:

  • Dehydration
  • Hormonal changes
  • Diet
  • Cold
  • Sunburn
  • Stress

If you want a natural moisturiser for dry skin, try our face and body creams, made with certified slime from snails Helix Aspersa which are bred in organic farms.

Snail slime contains substances preventing all the effects of dry skin while providing the right amount of hydration.

In particular, allantoin stimulates the production of elastin and collagen fibres (already present in our organism) that are responsible for the regeneration of our cells and thus allowing a new layer of plump and smooth skin to emerge.

The proteins also give an extra boost to the skin’s natural hydration, restoring its balance.

Mira Cosmetici’s dry skin moisturiser is suitable for both face and body skin. Although the areas generally most affected are the face, neck and hands, the whole body needs an extra moisturising boost to keep the skin toned and youthful.

Using a moisturising body cream will help keeping a healthy skin and delay the signs of ageing, with visible results just after a few applications!

To restore your skin’s balance, all you need is to apply the cream once a day.

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