Snail slime face cream: elastin and glycolic acid

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Snail slime cream

Snail slime face cream: elastin and glycolic acid for dry and oily skin

Snail slime face cream is still a mistrusted beauty product for people who are unaware of the extraordinary benefits slime has. However, once one gets to know what slime really is, there are all reasons to rely on this substance.

Snail cream is, strictly speaking, made of slime collected from an outdoor snail farming using a cruelty-free process which respect the life cycle of the animals.

The snail slime, blended with other all organic and sustainable compounds, is transformed in a dedicated laboratory into a cream.

The formulations of the individual products vary according to their type. Amongst the many cosmetics such as the snail slime face cream, one can also find body creams and scrubs, serums, shampoos and bath foams.

So if you wonder whether it is possible to make a cream with snail slime, then the answer is yes –  just like the ones from Mira Cosmetici!

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Snail slime face cream

nourishing and regenerating snail slime cream

Our products are not only specially formulated for a certain body but also take into account the specific needs and characteristics of your skin.

That way, oily skin requires a non-greasy but strong moisturiser, while dry skin needs an exfoliating action.

Snail slime cream meets both of those needs – that’s as good as it gets!

It nourishes and regenerates deeply the skin thanks to the elastin it contains, while the glycolic acid has an exfoliating action.

The exceptional properties of snail slime make it suitable for apparently contrasting results.

Dry skin: snail slime face cream prevents dry skin just as it slows down the ageing process.

The elastin, a natural substance which, along with collagen fibres, constitute about 80% of our skin tissue makes it possible.

However, it seems that the natural composition of our skin is not sufficient to fight the ageing phenomenon and this is why we need to supplement it with external substances. Mucus secreted by the snails and used as an active component in a face cream, makes the skin tissue supple and plumped, filling the wrinkles gaps. In addition, for young dry skins, elastin provides a rich hydration.

Oily skin: thanks to the glycolic acid it contains, snail slime face cream has amazing results on oily skins and is an outstanding cream to treat acne. In fact, glycolic acid is commonly used in all artificial creams for acne-prone skin.

Using snail slime to treat acne is therefore a natural, organic and ecological alternative to other creams available on the market. Indeed, it has a strong hydration power without containing oily substances which could have a negative impact on oily skins.

Those are not the only benefits snail slime cream may offer: blended with other natural ingredients, it may have positive effects on other body areas.

Let’s choose the most suitable snail face cream for you: have a look at our organic cosmetics on our online store!

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