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Organic snail slime cosmetics: Mira Cosmetici organic range of products

There is a new way to take care of ourselves. When using organic cosmetics, you make a responsible choice and you learn how to take care of yourself and of your surrounding environment. Mira’s ecological and sustainable cosmetics are indeed completely cruelty-free!

We offer an entire range of products: face creams, micellar waters, serums, drops, body and hand creams, but also scrubs, shampoo and conditioner, bath foam, solid soap and aftershave. All our products are endowed with the same characteristic: the exceptional regenerating power of snail slime.

The new beauty trend is ecological and organic cosmetics. Thanks to new technologies it is possible to develop high quality products free of harmful substance for both the body and skin.

Cleansing and moisturising the face is the prerequisite for a perfect make-up

The high concentration of active ingredients in our products stimulates skin regeneration

Plump the skin without altering the lipid film

Leaves the skin fresh and glowing

Purifies and revitalises the skin. For a deep cleansing

Stimulates tissue oxygenation

Snail slime, aloe vera, oats and calendula guarantee a long lasting soothing effect