Cleansing and makeup removal action of the micellar water

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Micellar water

Cleansing and make-up removal action for snail slime micellar water

Micellar water made its entrance into the cosmetics industry only a few years ago but quickly became one of the most effective and gentle make-up removal lotions on the market.

Micellar solutions can be blended with a multitude of substances: from green apple to aloe vera to other more or less natural ingredients.

Alternatively, Mira Cosmetici’s organic micellar water contains an equally natural, cruelty-free and sustainable main ingredient: snail slime.

In our Italian farms, snails are naturally bred in a natural environment enabling their complete life cycle. The secretion is collected in dedicated high-tech laboratories using a cruelty-free process. The ozonated extracted fluid is then processed in the laboratory to obtain pure organic snail slime cosmetics.

The many components of this substance make it ideal for treating a variety of skin imperfections, from blemishes to acne to wrinkles and dry skin.

Although the greatest benefits are found in facial skincare products, many can provide significant benefits for the body as well.

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Natural Micellar water

Natural Micellar Water

How did micellar water become the most popular make-up remover, overtaking other skincare products that have been used for years such as cleansing milk?

The main reason lies in the extreme gentleness of this solution which, unlike cleansing milk, can also be used to remove make-up from delicate areas such as lips and eyes.

Its composition improves when it comes to organic micellar water.

As a matter of fact, in this case, not only are the ingredients of excellent quality, but they also are obtained from organic farms or crops, generating most of the time very low or no environmental impact and are sustainably processed.

This is a new way of shaping cosmetics that takes into account the impact of our actions on other living beings and, overall, on the ecosystem.

Taking care of your skin is essential and quality products do not necessarily require chemical formulas of questionable origin. Compound of natural, organic, ecological and quality ingredients, Mira Cosmetici’s micellar water lists one of the best INCI available on the market.

Mira Cosmetici was created with one purpose: to offer cosmetics for women and men who want to take care of themselves without damaging the environment, in a responsible and sustainable way, using the finest ingredients available.

Fortunately, this is no longer a utopia: technology has made great progress and methods of processing and extracting raw materials are becoming faster and easier. This allows to obtain competitive but high-quality products.

This is what happens with our micellar water, but also with our face and body creams, serums and drops, masks and bath foams.

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