Shampoo with snail slime for children with a good INCI list

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Natural shampoo for children

shampoo for children

Choosing the right shampoo for your child requires a bit of awareness, especially towards the ingredients it contains. The best shampoos for children are made of natural and non-aggressive ingredients to avoid skin problems. A shampoo with snail slime enriched with natural ingredients is the perfect choice.

The snail slime shampoo is obviously a great product for adults too, to make your hair super shiny and healthy. Mira Cosmetici Naturali has developed a natural snail slime shampoo to meet the high expectations of our customers in terms of naturalness and effectiveness.

Surfactants contained in the shampoo for children

Child skin does not produce sebaceous and apocrine secretions and is therefore less oily than adult skin. This also applies to the scalp, meaning that children’s hair does not require too frequent washing. Surfactants are the ingredients providing the cleansing function. They are commonly used in shampoos, bath foams and shower gels. As for the mild shampoo for kids, sustainable and organic products are the most advisable, as they contain delicate surfactants that are extra-gentle to the skin.

When choosing a shampoo according to the surfactants it contains, this means choosing products with mild surfactants such as ammonium lauryl sulphate and betaine. We always recommend reading the INCI (the ingredients list) on the product label to find the best shampoo for your child.

Additives and functional ingredients in a good shampoo for children

In addition to surfactants (which, as mentioned above, have a cleansing function), shampoos also contain some conditioning and detangling ingredients. Children’s hair tends to be soft and tangle-free. It is not necessary for the formulation to contain some specific ingredients but it is essential that the shampoo remains free from any aggressive or irritating ingredients for the child’ skin. Once again, it is important to use natural products even when choosing a shampoo.

Natural shampoo for children

The natural ingredients selected by Mira Cosmetici

The Mira Cosmetici natural shampoo is a favourite for children thanks to the natural ingredients it contains, that makes it an ultra-mild shampoo.

Our shampoo is also suitable for adults. Indeed, its high-quality natural formulation gives hair a deep clean and provides terrific detangling. Snail slime and almond oil strengthen the hair and make it shiny and healthy.

Let’s take a closer look at the main ingredients that our crème de la crème of shampoo contains.

Snail slime (Snail secretion filtrate)

Snail slime is particularly popular in skin cosmetics, but is also good for the hair. It is particularly suitable for breakage-prone hair as it strengthens, repairs and replenishes the hair.

Snail slime is a mild ingredient for the scalp and thus is suitable for frequent washing and for delicate skin such as those of children.


Coco betaine is a surfactant derived from sugar. It is non-aggressive, has great cleansing and disinfecting properties, has a good consistency and is recommended for use on sensitive skin. It also has a mild anti-bacterial function. These characteristics and its naturalness make this surfactant particularly suitable for children’s products as well as for intimate wash lotions as it prevents skin irritation.

Ammonium lauryl sulfate

The ammonium lauryl sulfate is an anionic surfactant from natural origin.

In its pure form, this element is a viscous fluid. It is a water-soluble primary surfactant which is used in detergent products such as bath foams, liquid detergents and shampoos. It is known for its great easy rinsing, lathering and cleansing properties.

The use of this ingredient in natural shampoos guarantees similar properties (especially lather production and cleansing action) to the best professional shampoos made of artificial ingredients; while guaranteeing the complete naturalness of the product — a characteristic that is particularly popular and appreciated when choosing a shampoo for children.

Prunus amygdalus duclis oil (sweet almond oil)

The oil is obtained naturally from almond seeds. It has an emollient and soothing function. It can be used for all skin and hair types, but is particularly suitable for delicate and sensitive skin, such as children’s skin. Almond oil is highly emollient, softening, soothing, nourishing and an excellent gentle cleanser.

This popular skin care ingredient can be found in shampoos to repair damaged and dry hair and makes it shiny when applied onto clean hair.

shampoo for children snail slime

Mira Cosmetici Naturali snail slime shampoo

Due to the presence of high-quality natural ingredients, including those previously mentioned, Mira Cosmetici shampoo provides an effective soothing, calming and regenerating action.

This shampoo leaves your hair feeling softer and shinier. If your hair is fine and thin, it helps strengthen hair and you will notice after a few days your hair looking more radiant.

You can check all the natural ingredients contained in Mira Cosmetici Naturali shampoo from our dedicated website page, clicking on the INCI section.

Mira Cosmetici Naturali snail slime comes from farms that respect the life cycle of the animals and is obtained via a cruelty-free process. This guarantees that the highest level of care is given to the molluscs, ensuring their well-being. Discover here how we produce our cruelty-free snail slime.

Our snail slime is certified ICEA COSMOS ORGANIC, the strictest international standard for natural and organic cosmetics.

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