Winter, face masks and irritated skin: here is the natural solution

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Skin irritations caused by wearing face mask: remedies

How to prevent facial skin irritation in cold weather and when wearing a face mask?

Skin irritations face mask

If you are reading this article, you may have been struggling with facial skin irritation, especially during this winter due to prolonged wearing of face masks.

We have all probably struggled with facial skin irritations such as rashes, redness, itchiness and acne. Fortunately, some natural remedies do exist to treat these common conditions.

Follow our recommendations to prevent and relieve irritations caused by wearing a face mask.

Facial skin irritation caused by wearing a face mask: what are the consequences on the skin?

In this period, it has been essential to wear a face mask, along with following the general guidance to stay safe and help prevent the spread of Covid-19. However, wearing face masks for a long-time period can lead to some problems such as facial skin irritation, especially to who has sensitive skin or who must wear a face mask several hours a day. Contact and friction of the mask with the facial skin can cause rashes, redness, itching and excess sebum, and in some cases even lead to the so called “maskne” (acne) condition and pimples.

In addition to the friction of the mask against the skin, humidity caused by breathing and sweating, as well as skin secretion may also lead to skin irritation.

Unfortunately, the most effective face masks, namely FFP2 and FFP3, are also the most irritating.

Facial skin irritation: effects on dry and oily skins

The above-mentioned symptoms apply to all skin types.

However, delicate and oily skin are the most likely to be irritated when wearing a face mask.

Indeed, accumulation of sebum (in particular for oily skins) caused by the prolonged use of a face mask can lead to clogged pores and skin irritation, pimples, dark spots and acne. Obviously, acne-prone skin can be subject to even worse skin problems.

As for people with dry skin, the prolonged wearing of face mask usually increases dehydration, leaving the skin feeling even drier.

How to prevent facial skin redness and irritation when wearing a face mask?

To prevent and reduce facial irritation, you should:

  • regularly and effectively cleanse your face;
  • apply the right face cream for your skin.

See below our advice on these two recommendations:

Face cleansing and hydration

First of all, it is important that you follow a delicate daily skincare routine to prevent or treat the irritations caused by wearing a face mask. You should use emollient, soothing and healing cosmetics to do so.

We recommend that you wash your face with a specific cleanser before and after wearing a mask. Face cleansing must be delicate not to irritate your face, especially if you have pimples.

Snail slime soaps and gentle cleansers such as micellar waters are recommended to this end.

Also, here is another skincare tip: one of the best products for deep cleansing of the face without scrub and other irritating actions is the snail slime charcoal mask. We posted an article on our blog about this incredible product where we answer all the questions you may have about it.

Facial skin irritation: which cream should I choose for an irritated skin?

We recommend the application of a delicate high-quality moisturising cream that protects the skin from irritation due to wearing face masks, and that blissfully heals small lesions on the face.

The perfect solution is a face cream with snail slime that has a powerful moisturising effect. If it is of good quality, non-greasy and oil-free, it will improve the cleansing.

It is indeed essential to hydrate and repair at the same time the skin without adding any further greasy substance which could make the problem worse instead of solving it. This is why you should choose a high-quality cream which contains a high percentage of snail slime, ideally around 80% of pure slime.

You should better avoid low-priced products, often made in Asia, that are unlikely to contain high percentages of quality ingredients.

Snail slime naturally contains glycolic acid that exfoliates the skin, speeding up cell turnover. In addition, the face cream with snail slime offers a boost of plumping hydration without leaving the skin greasy.

Snail slime naturally contains elastin, mucopolysaccharides, collagen, and peptides. Vitamins C and E slow down the skin’s ageing process.

Finally, the healing properties of snail slime is famous amongst the natural cosmetics lovers. Such property is one of the many that Nature gave to snail slime!

All the above-mentioned characteristics make the snail slime face cream the perfect solution for both oily skin (thanks to the moisturising provided without making the skin greasy) and dry skin (thanks to its powerful exfoliating and hydration effect).

Skin irritations face mask face cream

Mira Cosmetici Naturali face cream with snail slime

The snail slime face cream is one of our bestsellers.

Containing about 80% of pure snail slime, our face cream is a high-quality product — you will hardly find a better one on the market!

Our face cream exclusively contains natural ingredients. Its non-greasy formula leaves the skin feeling light, smelling good, and blissfully hydrated for a long time.

Many of our clients have told us about the pleasant feeling of lightness and comfort they have felt right after applying our face cream.

Thanks to the very high rate of snail slime it contains, our face cream is remarkably effective. It has strong hydrating and repairing properties. In addition, it is a gentle exfoliator thanks to the glycolic acid naturally contained in snail slime.

Certified face cream: sustainable, organic and cruelty-free cosmetics

You can check all the natural ingredients contained in our face cream from our dedicated website page, clicking on the INCI section.

Our snail slime is of the best quality available on the market. Besides, snail slime contained in our products originates from farms that respect the life cycle of the animals via a cruelty-free process. This guarantees that the highest level of care is given to the molluscs, ensuring their well-being.

Discover how we produce our cruelty-free snail slime here.

Our snail slime is certified ICEA COSMOS ORGANIC, the strictest international standard for natural and organic cosmetics. The face cream contains 80% of pure certified Helix Aspersa snail slime.

FREE FROM parabens, petroleum, paraffin, SLS and silicones.

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How often should you use Mira Cosmetici snail slime face cream? How best to apply?

We recommend you to apply the snail slime face cream at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, ideally after cleansing your face properly.

Can I use other products together with the snail slime face cream? Is it possible to make the face cream even more effective using other products?

Mira Cosmetici snail slime face cream is already very effective on its own when used on irritated skin.

However, for even better results, we highly recommend to apply our cream with the pure snail slime drops. The pure drops are a popular hard-working product with anti-aging and deep absorption properties to repair and hydrate the skin on the long term.

We recommend to apply the pure drops on cleansed skin, gently massaging until full absorption. Then, scoop a small amount of the face cream and massage into skin.

You may also apply the pure drops on their own at a different time of day to the face cream.